Hi and welcome to Trufitness with Nidaa!   

I’m a personal trainer specializing in strength development to achieve lean, strong, and sexy bodies.I’ve had the honor of working with men and women to achieve their fitness goals by developing programs on strength progression and using circuits to maximize fat burn.

My mission is to help people understand how to maximize results by working smarter not harder. I achieve this by providing online macro coaching (nutrition based coaching) and fitness programs designed to shred the body and reveal a strong and healthy foundation.

The diet coaching I provide is sustainable and easy to apply. Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too doesn’t know what they’re talking about. In my program, you can absolutely have your cake, but I teach you how to balance it based on your specific fitness goals. Losing fat is a formula and once we understand what the appropriate deficit is for you in combination with my strength training, you’ll gain results but more importantly, lasting results. 

Whether you prefer personal training, group training, challenges or online training, I can cater for your training needs and get you the results you desire. 

For more information on packages and services, please click here and let me help you build the body you deserve.