• How do I access the Members only page?  You have to become a member to view the Members only page. It's simple, click on get started and sign up.  Once you have paid you will have immediate access to the workouts and recipes.

  • What is the free trial? The free trial is an opportunity for you to try out the workouts for free for one week. No commitment. 

  • How do I pay for an online membership? It's a monthly membership fee of $20 paid through PayPal.  You have to have a PayPal account.

  • What do I get with the online membership? You get exclusive access to new daily workouts, private Facebook page, recipes and more. 

  • Can I cancel at anytime? Yes you can cancel at any time.

  • What equipment will I need? You will need 2 sets of dumbbells, one light and one moderate to heavy. Weight choice is based on your fitness level. You will also need resistance bands and sliders. You can start without the bands or sliders.  You can also use towels in place of the sliders. Some of the exercises call for a pull-up bar but if you don't have one I  provide alternative exercises. 

  • Are the workouts easy to follow? Yes. The videos demonstrate each exercise, there is voice over in some of the movements for additional cues and I have the workout written for quick referencing. 

  • When are the challenges? Challenges are offered twice a year. One in the Fall and another before Summer. 

  • What is the challenge? The challenge is a comprehensive workout plan for 12 weeks.  In addition there is nutrition guidance and monthly check-ins with pictures, weight, and measurements.  

  • How much are the challenges? Please click on Challenges for details.

  • Will I  automatically be enrolled in the challenge if I'm currently an online member? No, you have to request to be added to the challenge.  There is no additional cost for joining the challenge if you're currently a member. 

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